What makes Watercore Filters special?

Watercore filter are vertically slotted instead of the tradition horizontal designs. Spokes protrudes through each slot and connect to hub in the middle of the filter. The hub can freely move vertically allowing the spokes to dislodge any debris clogging the filter. Watercore filters ship without the handle attached to the hub allowing you to make it as short or long as you need to ensure it never get overtopped with sewage. Watercore makes cleaning your septic filter quick and mess free.

We have seen ordinary filters clog and become completely submerged in sewage. The way they are designed you must pull them out to clean them. Without a flow control ball the filter can not be removed for cleaning. This means that you could be paying for an additional 200+ gallons of effluent removed just so you can clean your filter. The alternative is fishing around beneath the sewage and removing the filter thus allowing your effluent to flow to your septic fields and defeating the purpose of the filter.